Monday, May 13, 2013

SwagBucks Is Awesome!

I have been remiss in discussing the total awesomeness of SwagBucks. Tried, true, proven...all words that can be used to describe SwagBucks. If you aren't using it, you are missing out. Even if you aren't into GPT and PTC sites!

All normal, average people should take 2 minutes a day to use SwagBucks. Why? Because there isn't a person alive who doesn't love free stuff. And it only takes 2 minutes a day to earn SwagBucks (which are the same thing as points) to redeem towards gift cards that you can use to buy yourself something you will love!

If you are an online shopper or survey lover, you can earn even more. What's not to love? They don't spam you with crap in your email box, they don't sell your information to other companies who will fill your email box with a ton of garbage. So, if you aren't using the the banner or the links. Sign up! It takes a minute but brings unlimited benefits!

Search & Win

The long and short of it is:

*Answer a daily poll. 1 question earns you a SwagBuck or two.
*Watch videos, earn a few more.
*Take a few surveys, earn a lot of SwagBucks.
*Searching for something? Don't use Google. Use SwagBucks! You can randomly win extra bucks by using their search engine. Fridays are Double SwagBuck days. These can add up fast!
*Shopping? I earned 800 SwagBucks when I sent flowers to my mom for Mother's Day. I was going to send them anyway...why not get something extra out of it?

There isn't a drawback here guys and gals. Just hop on over and sign up. You won't be disappointed!

Watch my balance, check for codes and more. Just bookmark this post or the Clicking Clickers blog, and visit daily. The widget below will update daily!

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